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Raw Energy Firearms
was founded by Larry and
Laura Putney in November
2016. Our small beginnings
have allowed us to establish a
good foundation for a thriving
business in Millersburg, PA.
Larry has grown up around
firearms his whole life, so
this business has come to be
very natural for him. With his
firearms certification through the NRA, his
skills and training can now be offered in ways
to promote the 2nd Amendment.

Raw Energy Firearms hopes to serve our
community in all its firearms needs. We offer
several services from firearms cleaning, special
ordering, and training. A varied selection of
firearms, ammunition, and accessories can be
found in our store front.

Lawrence B. Putney II
CEO and Certified Firearms Instructor


Our hours are:

Monday, Wednesday, & Friday: 6-8PM

Saturdays: buy appointment only